Automation is Sweet

Proofmaker is a sophisticated Photoshop plugin that will resize your photos and prepare them for printing, proofing or the web. Resize to standard or custom print sizes and add borders, labels and logos. And it's all controlled by a slick UI that is easy to understand. What are you waiting for?


Creating bordered labeled proofs can be a trying experience. Getting even borders while fitting images to standard sizes without distortion can't be done with actions. Separating the tall images from the wide ones gets old too. And adding a filename is just straight up impossible with an action. Lucky for you, Proofmaker can hand'e all these tasks with ease. When creating proof images for your clients, Proofmaker should be your only choice.


The steps to prepare your images for printing are nearly endless. For me (yes, I use it too) I resize, adjust the resolution, convert the colourspace and sharpen. And thanks to Proofmaker, it's no problem. I have a pre-set for each print size, ready to go. So when it comes time to submit another print order, I simply run them through proofmaker and they're ready to upload for printing. Easy.

Hey, Good Lookin'

Proofmaker does so much it has to be spread out over four configuration panels. Lucky for you, they all make sense. And if you get lost, the tooltip text that appears when you hover will help you find your way again. Dig in a see all that it can do!


  • Resizing configurations can be saved as presets making it simple to reuse them later
  • Works with portrait and landscape orientations automatically
  • Runs on files in a selected folder, or files selected in Bridge
  • Reads and writes JPEGS, TIFFs and PSDs, 8- or 16-bit
  • Save for Web option is perfect for blogs
  • Convert to sRGB or aRGB, or leave the colourspace unchanged
  • Images can be resized to one of ten final print size presets, or to a custom size
  • Images can be automatically cropped or padded to fit the selected final size
  • Set the resolution to suit your needs

Add Borders

  • Single or double borders can be added
  • Each border is individually configurable to whatever colour and thickness you like
  • You can force even borders too, something not possible with actions
  • Rounded borders are supported, no problem

Add Text

  • Add a standard text label, or the filename...or both!
  • Font size, colour and position can all be set
  • Helpful text shortcuts are built in (turn "(c)" to © automatically)
  • Put the text in the border or in the image...your choice
  • Unique Aspect Mode puts the text on the long side or the short side for every image, regardless of orientation


  • Run your favourite actions at any of five strategic points during the processing
  • Fully customize your proofs with watermarks, logos, dropshadows…whatever you can make an action for you can do
  • Insert your logo/watermark or any other graphics using the included action
Thank you for creating such a cool and useful product
while restoring my sanity!!
– Vida P.


Proofmaker can be used for many things (for me it shines as an easy way to prepare images for printing) including -- surprise! -- images with filenames and copyright marks. Here are just a few examples of how Proofmaker is put to use, day in and day out.

We've got you covered

Proofmaker is compatible with any Windows PC or Mac running Photoshop from version CS3 to CS6. It's that simple. Both 32bit and 64bit systems are supported, and Bridge is required for Bridge integration :)

Mac OS X

I think you're going to really like this plugin.

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